Network Systems Manager

The Network Systems Manager oversees the Network Systems and Helpdesk teams operations and supervises the employees who provide the network and systems technical support and service to the credit union. This position ensures that the safety and integrity of the credit union networks and programs are maintained. The Network Systems Manager serves as the network and telecommunications technical interface with management and all departments and also plans strategic short and long term goals for the Network Systems team.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Responsible for mentoring and fostering the overall development of the Network Systems and Helpdesk employees, including; selection and hiring, training and ongoing development, coaching, and promotion and performance evaluation.
Manage day-to-day operations of the Network Systems and Helpdesk teams including; staffing, scheduling, and ensuring employees meet their annual training requirements and goals as well as day to day application support, problem resolution, and enhancement requests for Network Systems programs from throughout the credit union.
Oversee all Network Systems projects encompassing the entire development life cycle from analysis, research, and design, configuration, testing/quality assurance, documentation, deployment, maintenance, and support.
Ensure Network and Helpdesk employees meet deadlines and deliver necessary resources on their assigned tasks for credit union wide projects.
Lead team meetings and conduct written and/or verbal presentations to department, management, and credit union staff.
Approves schedules, assigns work to, approves and arranges for training as necessary, and develops and communicates the career progression and advancement opportunities for Network Systems and Helpdesk team employees.
Oversees the research and analysis of designated technology hardware and software systems, and coordinates the feasibility, cost justification, selection, and purchase of said systems.
Reviews and negotiates Information Technology vendor contracts for competitiveness and performs or oversees vendor due diligence as prescribed by credit union policy.
Ensures the credit union networks are secure and perform within established guidelines in relation to established credit union's policies and procedures.
Ensures Network and Helpdesk team employees coordinate with vendors for the repair and maintenance, routine or otherwise, of network, program, and telecommunications hardware, software, and other equipment.
Oversees periodic audits of software and network system usage and connections to ensure compliance with the credit union's Safeguarding Member Information Standards and Procedures, credit union policies and to guard against unauthorized users and to prevent the introduction of any undesirable or destructive software.
Provides guidance and direction to other management and staff for special system capabilities or problems and resolutions.
Determines action for any system problem, hardware problem, or usage problem whereby the integrity of the credit union networks or systems could be compromised.
Actively manages and ultimately corrects any on-going system or network problems not resolved satisfactorily or that prevent the fulfillment of credit union service responsibilities.
Leads the ongoing development and testing of Network Systems disaster recovery.
Ensures critical operations and data files are backed up and stored off-site.
Leads in the development of the operating budget for the Network Systems team.
Approve invoices and purchases for amounts allocated in credit union policy.
Coordinates all scheduling of vacation, other time off, and training for team employees. Also approves employee's time cards.
Follows up on any adverse trends in absenteeism, tardiness, or other employee performance issues.
Participate in training activities within your department or branch and with the learning and talent development department; such training helps to ensure staff compliance with Credit Union policies and state and federal regulations and laws.
Perform other duties and assist other employees, as assigned.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required
Must be able to communicate with members, staff, and individuals in the community in a professional manner. This will require excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills along with the ability to present and explain information effectively for non-technically inclined individuals.
A bachelor's degree or actively pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science or a technology or business related field at an accredited college or university.
Must have proven project management skills with projects of varying complexity and experience.
Must be able to attend conferences, seminars, and training sessions out of the area.
Experience in drafting a Request for Proposal (RFP) is helpful.
Strong knowledge of Cisco Systems equipment, network design, network protocol analysis, telecommunications design and analysis, and Microsoft Active Directory.
Work requires the ability to understand complex computer and network system operations. This understanding involves the computer operating systems as well as numerous user programs and applications.
Requires an analytical mind and problem solving skills.
Must be available outside of normal business hours to assist in recovery in the event of a failure or outage of a critical credit union system.
Multi-task orientation to handle and manage a number of projects at once while remaining flexible to changing requirements and priorities.
Ability to meet deadlines in a timely manner and collaborate effectively in teams with all levels of the organization.
Familiarity with credit union operations, needs, and challenges. Experience working in a credit union technology department preferred.
Bachelors or better in Computer Science or related field.

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